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Helms Candy

100 Years of quality candies

HelmsCandyBuildingTHE BEST is a subjective term… but it is a term that may well be applied to The Helms Candy Company. Making hard and soft stick candy in Bristol, VA for over 100 years, Helms Candy is a Southeastern Institution.

Dedication to quality… Use of only the finest ingredients… Made ONLY in the USA and ONLY in Bristol, Virginia, are all important facts about Helms Candy and are all reasons that Helms may be the best at what they do.
Try the soft sugar stick candy in 11 different flavors… old fashioned braided Horehound Candy… my favorite, the broken peanut butter sticks… old fashioned lollypops…

Try them all and then let us know if Helms Candy is the best.

Helms Candy Company, Inc.
3001 Lee Highway
Bristol, Virginia 24202
Phone 276-669-2612 or 276-669-2533

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